As a member of GPMG, you are entitled to access the benefit of free script pads and sick notes printed and delivered to your practice.

To ensure your orders are properly received, accurately actioned and timeously delivered, it is essential that you note the following:

  • All orders must be placed on the order form and must be accompanied by a clear copy of your script pad and sick note. In the event that there are no changes, you can simply complete the form and use the same form to place your orders in the future (until there are changes of course).
  • Standard orders include:

o   30 script pad books of 100 pages each

o   12 sick note books of 100 pages each

  • Orders can take up to 3 weeks, to avoid being left without, please don’t wait until your orders run low before placing your next order.
  • The script pad and sick note benefit are reserved for our GPMG members. Should you wish to include the names of non-members within your practice on your order, they will be required to join.
  • If you indicate any changes to your order, we will ask that you sign off a proof to ensure you are happy with the changes before we proceed with printing.

To ensure response and action, please make sure all script pad and sick note orders
and queries are directed to

It is crucial to GPMG that we utilise printers whom we trust to provide you with script pads and sick notes of good quality. This amended order process will assist us in maintaining proper records, streamlining the process, and avoiding mistakes and unnecessary back-and-forth communication to recoup missing details from your practice. It will also prevent orders from getting lost or delayed amongst the mass practice queries.


1.       When will my Script Pads & Sick Notes be delivered?
Script Pad and Sick Note order can take up to 3 weeks to be delivered once the completed order with all documentation has been received.

2.       How will I know if my order has been received?
Once you have sent your completed order to orders@gpmg.co.za you will receive an email to confirm that the email has been received. Your order will need to meet all the criteria to be considered complete.

·         Completed form with clear indication of Colour / Black and White, changes, and sick note size

·         Attachment of copies of current script pads and sick notes

3.       How can I make sure my orders are timeously processed?
Please provide all the necessary detail in your order request:

·         Place your order three weeks before your existing order is due to run out.

·         Provide a clear subject line in your email – Name of Doctor and Script pad & / Sick note order.

·         Provide a copy of your current or last order and clearly indicate whether there are any changes.

·         Indicate whether you would like your order printed in black and white or colour. If colour, indicate what colour.

·         Send your order to the correct address at orders@gpmg.co.za

4.       My order has not arrived, or is incorrect, what can I do?
Please escalate your issues to orders@gpmg.co.za. Urgent resolution will be actioned and you will be provided with feedback on steps taken to correct your order.

5.       I run a group practice and require General Practitioner’s (GPs) other than myself to appear on my orders. How do I go about this?
The printing of orders can become pricey and this benefit is reserved for GPs who are current members of GPMG. Should the GPs within your practice not be members, they will be required to join. You can obtain the necessary application forms from GPMG.

6.       I am not satisfied with the quality of my order, what can I do?
Script pads and sick notebooks of healthcare providers are sensitive documents that should not be accessible to members of the public or any persons with ill intent. For this reason, our printers are carefully selected to ensure the utmost security, professionalism and quality. If you are not satisfied, we urge you to communicate any of your concerns with us. In so far as possible we will endeavor to rectify and replace any poor quality orders.

7.       How many script pads and sick notes will I receive?
A standard order is 30 script pad books and 12 sick note books.

8.       How often may I order?
Generally a standard order will last a practice of 3 months. There are exceptions and if you require additional books you are most welcome to communicate your needs with us at orders@gpmg.co.za.